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Nexus 4 security updates

  • 12 September 2015
  • 2 replies

I just heard on an online tech radio show there is an update available for my Nexus 4. Not sure if its a security issue but I want to find the correct web link. Anyone know of this?

2 replies

Just to add, I'm having problems with this phone. I plan to replace it with a new one but in the meantime, it won't connect to wifi unless I turn wifi off, then back on. A few seconds later it disconnects again. The camera screen goes white after a pic sometimes. I need to shut down and restart camera. Will an update help?
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Hi nitromike!

It is true on August 6 a maintenance update was released for Nexus 4 and 5. It was mainly meant to address the Android OS StageFright vulnerability.

If you decide to make this update, it is imperative to backup your data prior to the software upgrade. The easiest way would be to sync the data on your smartphone with your Google account (https://goo.gl/tFfAYK). Afterwards, you can proceed to make a manual update of your Nexus 4 (Settings- About phone- System updates-Check now- Follow the prompts) and restore the data that has been backed up.

If the update doesn’t do anything regarding your Wi-Fi and Camera issue, resetting your device to factory settings might help (https://goo.gl/XOAUPk). This procedure also requires a prior data backup

Please be advised that both the phone update and the backup and restore use a lot of data and it is highly recommended to do both over Wi-Fi, while your mobile data is off.

Hope this helps!