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Nexus 4 says I have an update but all I get is an error when try. Need help please.

Nexus 4 keeps telling me I have an update and when I try to down load it... It starts and then an error appears and restarts phone. Anyone help with this? Or have the same problem??

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Looks like you have enough battery for the update to go through. But I would plug your phone in and keep it plugged in while it's updating. Also ensure you have enough storage space for the update. What does the error say?
Unfortunately it doesn't give an error code of any kind. Basically starts the update then gets about a quarter of the way through and the android dude dies and says error. But also keep in mind that if I check for an update manually it says my phone is up to date with the correct version.
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4.4.4 is quite old on the Nexus 4, isn't it? It should be updated to 5.X by now. Looks like your phone has been stuck in an upgrade loop for months.

Is your phone rooted? If it is,  were any changes made to the system partition like removing or adding system apps? Because over the air updates never install when this has happened.

If free storage space etc isn't the issue, the only way to fix this would be to factory reset, download the most recent full system image from Google and flash it from a PC using the Recovery/Bootloader modes.

It would require wiping your data.