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Nexus 4. Phone is very quiet during a call

Although my volume during a call is at max, the volume is very quiet and I can barely hear anything I try to adjust volume during call and it is already at max volume. Sound is otherwise fine on phone, and is only quiet during call. What is wrong?

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Media volume (music/video/games) is usually separate from voice call volume and notification/ringer volume. Have you ensured that the correct volume is at max? If you adjust your volume via the volume buttons during the call, it will adjust the in-call volume. If the call volume is at max, have you tried using a headset? If so, is it quiet over the headset as well?
The correct volume is at max during a call, as I try to adjust the volume with the side buttons but the volume is already at max. I have tried a headset and the volume is fine, but convenience wise this isn't the best for me.