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NextRadio cannot see FM chip on my Samsung A8 2018

  • 10 August 2019
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As indicated by this post https://community.koodomobile.com/other-80596/samsung-a8-2018-fm-radio-7792732, Samsung A8 2018 should have a work FM radio chip.

I purchased Samsung A8 2018 from Koodoo, And NextRadio says it doesn't have access to the FM radio receiver in my device. How to solve this? Thanks.

Edit: I checked the phone's spec on gsmarena. It appears the phone has exynos chipset, which does not have FM radio. I guess no luck then.

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5 replies

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Yeah that sucks. Does the phone have a radio app at all where you plug in the phones headphones to make the radio work as it uses it and an antenna?
No radio app. But again, there are quite a few posts online saying radio app working on this phone, such as


. I am so confused now.
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Next Radio actually worked on the A8 from Koodo originally. However, since the update of Android P (9.0), the support was stopped. I guessed it was a decision from Samsung.
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Here is another post from Fido https://forums.fido.ca/t5/Phones-and-Devices/FM-Radio-disabled-after-Android-9-0-update/td-p/145466

If 2 carrier users had the same issue, it was likely a problem from Samsung.
As promised in a Samsung support email posted online, the FM radio of Pie update issue has been fixed by the just released July security update.