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Next LG G3 patch????

  • 20 June 2015
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I bought the LG G3 a couple of weeks ago and a week after that a patch came out for fixing a wifi issue. This wifi patch ended doing even worse and now my goople play store and many other apps wont work. When is koodo going to fix this?? My android version is 5.0.1 and i've tried to update manually using websites and such. plzzzzz help!!!!

5 replies

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Hi Manav,

From the looks of it the patch that was released fix most issues for people and this is the first I hear about the issues you are having. What I would recommend is for you to do a factory reset on the phone. You will loose all your contacts, pictures, etc (anything that's not on a memory card). Doing this factory reset often fixes that occur by a glitch in an update such as in your case.
I've tried factory resseting. I've even took it back to the place where I got it. Apparently this is happening to a lot of other people.
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Koodo isn't the one who makes the patches. LG is the one who will have to patch the issues and figure out whats going on. With that said mine seems to be working good after the last patch that fixed the wifi issue.
I've phoned LG and they said that koodo deals with these problems
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To set the record straight, while Koodo is tasked with delivering updates, (when they're made available from the manufacturer), there is no exact timeline as to when these updates will arrive. You'll just have to wait until LG officially releases the update, (usually its news around here anyway and someone will mention it), or check your phone periodically for updates. If you still find you're experiencing problems with the device and you're within the 15 day return policy, you can return the device for exchange or a full refund. You may also want to consider sending the device in for repair as the phone is well within the one year manufacturers' warranty.