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newby to data - can I use it to access email/facebook in the US and Caribbean?

So as an old guy, I never use data - never had it ona any other phone or plan.  I do have 100mb data on my koodo $30 plan although I have never actually turned on data on the phone yet.  My question is can I turn on my data in the US and caribbean to access email and facebook and maybe check weather?  Will I be shocked by some staggering additional charges next billing?  (Sorry I'm an old Bell customer - we grow suspicious over there!) Hoping for some advice.  thanks.   

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So while the answer to your questions is yes you can turn data roaming on, the other questions answer is yes without a roaming add on, your bill will be obscene. If you login to self serve and shop add ons, you'll see some roaming packages you can add to your device for during your trip. These packages add a slew of billing discounts to your plan.
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If you want to wear belt and suspenders at the same time, you can turn off data roaming while you are away and limit your data use to wifi hotspots at your convenience.

Receiving texts will basically be free. All you will pay for is making or receving calls and sending texts.