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new voicemail? how?

Hello. Ive never setup my voicemail, I never really wanted it. Yesterdsy I got a notification for a new voicemail, really? When I call in VM it still prompts me to do the initial setup with a password, so I know I didn't pocket dial it and some how accidentally did it that way. But when I call my number from another phone it goes to VM if I refuse to pick up. 😞 . I even checked my call history, there were no calls made to VM for it to setup by itself.

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call koodo may be a error message koodo's voice mail not good if you get this gen pull Tha battery out wait put in if this happens call koodo thay may reset a gen I hope this make some sense yeah I know you buy a phone this happens stupid a bit lol take care
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Simply not setting up your voicemail will not prevent someone from leaving a message. If you want to do so, set it up, switch to the extended absence greeting and choose not to allow messages.
Timo, I understand what you're saying, and as of now it is true. But before when I tested it by calling myself and it always went to busy tone if I ever refused to pick up. It never went to VM like it does now.