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New to koodo, i cant login/register to Self Serve

I bought a new phone and plan at a koodo kiosk yesterday and the employee told me i had 24 hours to register to Self Serve to make sure everything is fine and the payments are made.
But when i went home and tried to do it i couldnt. I can't log in because I didnt give my email to the employee, and i cant register because when i put in my phone number it says "The phone number entered is invalid or you may have created your profile already."
I'm guessing I'll have to go back to the kiosk as soon as possible but i thought i'd give it a try here first; maybe someone can help?

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Hi Catherine - I'm unable to pull up any account details using your name or email address. Is the account registered in your name, or under someone else? Also, to confirm - is this a monthly/postpaid account, or prepaid? If you can share some more information we can troubleshoot with you and see if we can save you a trip back to the store.
Thank you Ranjan.
I ended up going to the store before seeing your message. They told me they couldn't help me, that I had to do it through customer service and that there were a lot of problems with SelfServe right now.
I really think my problem stems from the fact that i did not set an email for my account. If someone could add it (and a password too i guess?) to my infos, maybe this would help.

( i chose a monthly plan)
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Catherine wrote:

Thank you Ranjan.
I ended up going to the store before seeing your message. They told me they cou...

Thanks for confirming Catherine. We'll need to validate some personal information in order to pull up your account and reset the self-serve details. Can you send us a private message on Facebook? We should be able to figure out what the issue is from there - i.e. whether it's just a matter of the self-serve account not being set-up correctly with your proper information, or if there's something else that's causing the issue.