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New to Koodo, how does paying data overage work??

I've only just recently joined Koodo, and my plan doesn't give me much data (seeing as I don't often ever use it), but I've used 15$ over my data and I'm not entirely too sure how that gets paid. My bills are paid preauthorized, will the same be done with the 15$? Or is there a seperate way to pay this that I haven't spotted?? Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Once your next bill comes out, the charges will be on that bill. Once your bill is due, the preauth will pay the bill as normal. Nothing different about it.
Oooh, alright! Wasn't sure if I had to do anything different with it. Thanks 🙂
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Here is another quick bit....if you haven't yet use the koodo app to keep track of your data use. That way you know where you stand.