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When Koodo introduces new plans, I would like to receive a notification with a breakdown of my current plan, vs this new plan. Included in the notification, an easy to read graph or chart showing what I pay now, compared to what this new plan, or update or change looks like. Sorry if that's a little confusing, what I mean is simply a notification when there are any changes in any plans/rates. Everyone has a smart phone, build a Facebook app that sends notifications that costumers can opt in on. Also include the option to text, which sends a link to the customer they can click on to see the information. Have an option to have El Tabador phone the customer and tell them to check the website because new plan or update. You could also create a twitter account that announces any new plans or changes. An account on reddit that uses a bot to message users. All of the above information can be submit by the customers if they want to use that notification service. Have the option to email of course. All of the above options include a link to Koodo website, that when logged in, gives you the chart of now vs new plan. There are new plans introduced all the time, I don't check the website every day, so sticking the information in my face in the place of my choosing will really help me stay current and possibly save my money by making changes to my plan. Sorry if this is a mess, wrote on my phone in the dark while waiting for some one. thanks

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Owen, You have a lot of social media connection ideas there. I can see 2 problems implementing then though: 1 it would be a nightmare to administer (ie who is on what social media) 2 some people might regard multiple Koodo notifications about new plans as SPAM. just my 2 cents.
Yeah lol I didn't think through all the logistics. Administering I thought would be self-opting in. As well as the various places to see notifications, you would need to set them up yourself. I'd just love to know when changes are implemented that can save me money per month. This isn't ideal for Koodos bank roll (there's probably a lot of people paying for old plans that lack features), but would be nice for the customer.