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new phones?

Is koodo getting new phones in the next few months? I noticed some phones were removed such as the note 2 which I was going to get and now it is gone and no way am I paying that much for the note 4. Unless your phones drop in price or you get new ones with decent prices I will have to start looking at other phone companies.

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The big guys are all announcing new phones march 1st. After that prices should all drop, and new ones added.
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The other carriers gave a similar phone selection at similar prices so I don't see how that will help your issue. January/February are slow months for cell phone sales. There will be new ones announced at MWC on March 1st and more throughout the year.
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Switch phone companies for a better plan (money savings). Dont switch phone companies for just phone selection (especially if the plan is worse). You end up paying more in the long run and you could have purchased the phone from other sources. Unless maybe you are rich and dont care about money. Then choose convience and go with whoever you want