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New Phone for Koodo Lineup

I would love to see Koodo add the Samsung Alpha phone to their lineup. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a nice phone, it falls behind the latest and greatest phones (iPhone 6) in terms of aesthetics and design. The addition of the Samsung Alpha would give koodo customers a choice between the newest apple product (iPhone 6), or the newest Samsung Product (Alpha). The Samsung Alpha, with a full metal frame and slim design, is a stunning looking device that I think would give more choice for Koodo customers who are clearing wanting the newest and greatest phones at their fingertips. With this phone, and the current monthly plans offered by Koodo, it would not surprise me if many customers would jump from other providers. 

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The Galaxy Alpha is an AT&T exclusive and will not be coming to Canada.
That's actually incorrect. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is available on the Bell network in Canada, although as of right now it seems to be exclusive to Bell.
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Exclusive to Bell and who knows for how long... Rogers or Telus didn't get the Z2 at all and had to wait for the Z3 so the same thing might happen here. I do like the Alpha but I'm skeptical of the battery. It's smaller than the S III they released over 2 years ago and that one even had a slightly larger display.