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new phone and bluetooth?

  • 16 December 2014
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im looking to updat my iphone 4s to maybe a galaxyS5 , will it still work on my new car hooked up to bluetooth? I have a brand new chevy malibu. I just want to make sure it will work like my iphone4s does. I have seen another person on here saying her new phone was having problems so i figured i would asked before i go out and buy one.

4 replies

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Hello Sue! There's no reason as to why it wouldn't work, but technology is always a little finicky.. I've had customers say they've gotten their galaxy's to work with their cars for hands-free use. So it definitely does work, but they've also said it took them a little bit to get it figured out. You can always ask a Koodo rep from the store you get it from to help you connect it:)
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There are different versions of Bluetooth. Some versions work with newer devices; some don't. Since you know your iphone works with your Malibu, find out if the S5 has the same version of Bluetooth. Google "Iphone 4 specs" to find out what version of Bluetooth is installed. Then, Google "Samsung Galaxy S5 specs" to see if its version of Bluetooth is the same. if so, If the Bluetooth versions are different, you need to find out from Chevrolet which other versions of Bluetooth are supported. Try googling again, giving year and model of your Malibu. If you can't get the info online, email Chevrolet asking for a list of Bluetooth versions supported. Hope this helps!
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Elinor is very much correct. I have a 2011 golf which paired fine with my old Samsung S3. It does not however work with the new iPhone 6 😛. That being said, since you have a new model car, I'm fairly confident it will pair fine with the S5.
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Here is the Chevrolet link http://www.chevrolet.com/malibu-mid-size-sedan/technology.html