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New Nexus 5x; battery no longer charges! (charging cord vs battery?) :(

I went to charge my Nexus 5x as I usually do, and left it for an hour to provide enough time for a full charge. I returned and to my surprise my phone had nil battery life. I have now tried several other outlets and can only presume the problem is ether with the battery or charging cord. The phone is only a couple months old so I find it hard to believe the battery is at fault. Has anyone else experienced problems with the Nexus 5x charging cord?

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I believe that all chargers and wall adapters are covered by warranty, so if you bring it in to a Koodo kiosk they will be able to test it and if there are issues get a warranty replacement organized for you. 
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Try slowly pressing lightly on the connector when it's plugged into the phone and holding it towards the front of the phone and then try towards the back of the phone. When you hold it in either direction does it begin charging, show a charging indicator on the phone? If so your charging port may be damaged and will need repair.