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New LG 4G Cell Signal Issues

As the title says I'm experiencing cell signal reception problems with a new lg 4g. I live in Hfx. Recently replaced my nexus 4 with a new lg 4g. Soon as I brought the phone home I knew I had issues. One bar on the top of a hill in the city of Hfx is not right, my nexus 4 had full bars. Switched the cell settings from GSM/HSPA/LTE AUTO to WCDMA/GSM auto no effect. Rebooted several times, no effect. Reset the sim card no effect(made sure it was pushed in all the way) Then I put my sim back in the nexus just as a test, full bars. Signal strength was -81. Put the card back in the lg 4g the signal was -127. Obviously I have an issue. Oh yes also experienced dropped calls. Spoke with koodo tech support and they told me they wanted me to turn off my phone so they could resend updates. If the problem continued take the phone back and get another. Got home and you guessed it, one bar. I should add downtown, 18th floor of my office I had good signal, ground level no signal lol. So I take the phone back and get a new one. Still using my same sim. Get home and one bar again, ah........ Next day I had to leave the city so I decided to switch the GSM/HSPA/LTE AUTO to WCDMA/GSM auto again as a test. All of a sudden I went from one bar to 5 lol. Remember changing this option on the previous phone had no effect. Go figure? Long story short the only way I can get service now is to use wcdma/gsm. Soon as I switch to the lte setting I have no service. Kinda useless to have a 4g phone and I can't access the lte network. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time in advance!

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Your Nexus was probably able to roam over to partner networks like bell your G4 just doesn't have all the same frequencies. Consider returning your G4 and opting for a 6P instead.
Hi Chad, thank for the response. I thought about that, koodo is not offering the 6p anymore. Was available online but I don't see it anymore.
I ended up returning the new G4 and I'm back using the nexus 4.

Spoken with two other carriers that also sell this particular phone and none have seen any issues with poor cell signal using lte and being forced to switch to a G3 network to get a signal.

I'm going to need another phone soon but my faith in the lte network that koodo provides is very low. Honestly I don't think it was the phone's fault (two of them acting the same seems kinda weird) I honestly think it's a week koodo lte network here in NS.

Been with koodo a long time but I'm considering switching. My biggest delema with staying is will the next koodo phone (what ever phone I decide on) have the same signal issues with Ite? Returning phones is getting kind of old.