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New Koodo phone with new sim - what is the default PIN for SIM card lock?

Hi! I'm just trying to set up my SIM card lock on my new phone with this new SIM card. However, apparently, "0000" is incorrect. What is supposed to be my default PIN? I didn't choose any custom PIN when I bought my phone yesterday, thus no idea of what the PIN i should be entering. Thanks a lot for your help!

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Should be the last 4 digits of your phone number initially I believe
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You're going to need to call in and get the code
thanks all! Apparently it's 1234
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WinC wrote:

thanks all! Apparently it's 1234

Cool! Glad it got resolved
Have you forgotten your phone security password ? So, do you want to change your phone password ? What kind of mobile do you have ? First of all, try default security codes. If the codes are not working, get Master reset code to reset your phone . You can get it from the provider http://www.unlock-free.com/ to break code from your phone . Here, they provides code for old model Nokia and Alcatel phones . After resetting your phone password, you can change new password by using your phone settings .