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New Google Play?

Has anyone seen the new redesigned Play Store? From what I understand it's rolling out in phases but haven't seen any change yet so not sure if it's available in Canada at the moment.

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if the new one is the one on the right, I've had that on my phone for more than a year.
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Hey thenixter, I've had my Nexus S for over 2 years and I've had the new google playstore for over a year, like Timo 🙂.
Thanks for the reply guys! Sorry I probably should have specified, the new one is supposedly the one on the left haha.
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The new one is on the left and it looks nothing like the old one, it's very white and clean looking with much bigger icons for each app/game that your scrolling through. thenixter is correct it has begun rolling out and you can download the APK from all over the net as well to get it earlier. If you want it ask John Burke he gave me it a few days ago.
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Wow the one on the left looks like the what the old play store should look like. Personally I don't like it, it just looks so plain.
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I like the new. Have had it a couple days now. It's in line with Google Now. The payment system is much more streamlined now. If you haven't received it yet you can sideload the APK.
Awesome guys, I just sideloaded it. Looks great IMO, very clean and functional!