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Koodo should provide users Sony Xperia phones too as they are in great competition with other flagship phones. Like Xperia Z3 is high specs phone when it'll release. And Samsung Note Edge too because its a different new idea and lot of people would buy it just to see how the edge screen works. And some more options of color selection please because i myself bought phone unlocked from someone just because of white color in Galaxy phone.

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Hi Osama Gujjar, I'd recommend keeping an eye out on Koodo's Facebook page as they typically announce upcoming devices there. That being said, I doubt the Note Edge will be coming to Koodo at launch. Per Samsung's latest comments, this will be a very limited release: "Samsung revealed that “the Galaxy Note Edge will be released in selected markets” something that also points to a very controlled release. With the Galaxy Note Edge marketed as a high-end flagship smartphone, it’s possible that its reach will only extend to high-end markets." (note: Canada will be getting it but I suspect it will likely be with the big 3 and not the subsidiary brands, but this is only a guess). Cheers.