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new client of Koodo

hi as i am new client of Koodo .i have free internet for 20days....that's right.thank you

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that is what the agent service the client told me yesterday, I want to be sure
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It's not free data for 20 days.

It's data shock prevention for the partial billing period when you start so you get a feel for how much data you will need under regular use.  I am pretty sure it is under 20 days.

Log onto self serve and see what your billing cycle is.  The end of your first partial billing cycle (about 5 days-ish) is when the test period ends
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Hi Zou,

If you are a new customer, you have 10 day unlimited data, after that it uses your included data in your plan.

Hope this helps.
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That's right Zouzou! You'll be able to enjoy free internet for the first 10 days. Have a good day!