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New Android phones

  • 5 November 2015
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WIll you folks be integrating any new Android phones to your lineup this fall/winter?  (eg. the Nexus 5X/6P or the Moto X Pure)  I am in the market for an upgrade but your lineup is pretty limited and dated in many respects.  (I understand the Samsung phones you offer are more or less current, but there are plenty of better Android phones currently).  As such, I am very seriously considering ending a 5+ year relationship with Koodo in order to get the phone I want.   Let me know if I can expect the lineup to improve anytime soon or if it's time to move on.



5 replies

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We never know ahead of time what Koodo will carry.
Keep tabs on the facebook page for all big announcements!
But as a general rule, The big 3 companies get the phones first and then pass them down to the little 3 companies.
You are always welcome to purchase the phone elsewhere and bring it onto the network.

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Why dont you get the phone and bring it over to Koodo?  Nexus devices (Pure editions, etc) are unlocked to begin with.
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Considering that you're financing your phone with Koodo.. just buy an unlocked phone and bring it to Koodo. You're paying it off yourself any ways
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The Moto X Pure is a US exclusive so no carrier in Canada will be offering that right now and possibly not at all, we got the Moto X Play in Canada instead.
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A sweet idea to help satisfy everyone's wants may be to implement a order request system. Even with stating there's no guarantee of a request being fulfilled, users like Dave, myself, and many other would appreciate the option.