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New 2 Koodo with Nexus 4 and have 2 questions

New to Koodo (since yesterday) with Nexus 4. Have 2 quick questions 1) My Nexus shows only as 3G yet I'm in the 4G coverage region. Is there something I have to do to get 4G? 2) Which case do you recommend? Thanks in advance

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Welcome to Koodo! Do you mean LTE? It's not an LTE device so won't work if you've updated the device unless you're rooted. Personally I've used my Nexus 4 since last December without a case 🙂
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I had always understood, 3G, 4G and LTE. This device is a rated and sold as a 4G device hence the reason why I had gotten it. Did not really need the LTE speeds.
The Nexus 4 isn't actually a 4G compatible device, instead it supports up to HSDPA speeds (above 3G speeds, but slightly below 4G speeds). Even if Koodo is 4G capable in your area, the Nexus 4 can't pick up that signal. I'm guessing there isn't an available HSPA network either, so 3G is the best the phone can receive. As far as cases go, I went on ebay and bought a generic $5 case (dual layered protection). It's served me well, but I don't think its sold anymore. Have a look here instead - XDA forums. It's a major forum site for android related stuff. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1968713
Thank you for your explanation makes a lot of sense. Where I had went wrong was the fact that on Bell site it had plainly shows 4G on this phone but to be fair Koodo did not. The other reason why I had assumed 4G was because I had the original Samsung Galaxy Vibrant with 7.2 download speed and I had seen for all of the places offering Nexus 4 had up to 42 download speed so I naturally assumed this was because of 4G. In the end if I can get in between of the 2 then I will be happy. I will check the site you had suggested for the case. Thank you all again
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3G and 4G are the same network level, just spread into different tiers and marketed differently. Bell/Virgin and Telus/Koodo run on HSPA (max 21mbps), known as "3G", and HSPA+ (max 42mbps), which is often called "4G" as a marketing thing. The one after this starts at 75mbps, which is true 4G LTE. The Nexus 4 supports up to HSPA+, not LTE.
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If your looking for a case I highly suggest checking out the official LG Bumper case in white if you have a black N4, I got it the other day and it looks so slick with the reverse oreo look (White on the outside black in the middle) Since it's just a Bumper you don't cover up the cool reflective pattern on the back either.
Thank you all for your great explanations and suggestions for the case. Your time is very much appreciated.
The Nexus 4 supports LTE band 4 which telus, bell, koodo, and Rogers support, and probably fido and virgin too. The network chipset inside also supports dc-hspa and standard hspa, which allows for 42mbps and 21mbps respectively. My Nexus 4 is rooted and is connected to koodo/telus LTE network. Very fast but spotty coverage at times.
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Julian Phillips wrote:

The Nexus 4 supports LTE band 4 which telus, bell, koodo, and Rogers support, and probably fido a...

For future reference there's need to resurrect month old threads bud, especially when they're already marked as answered.