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new 100 off offer

I did hear a new ad on the radio that you get another 100$ off a new smart phone, but on website doesn't look like that. The plan where you had to pay 200$ for the galaxy s4 it is still 200. where do you get the 100 off?

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this offer was 7 months ago on the forum : "I highly recommend you save up an extra $200 and invest with the Medium Tab instead. The plans offered are much better value." My question is: Where is the 100 OFF advertised on the radio ??? Is it false advertising?
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You probably misheard the ad. Koodo is offering a $100 bonus.gift with most phones. You can see it here: https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html Under each phone it will tell you how much the bonus.gift is. The bonus.gift is a VISA.gift card if you order online or a combination of VISA.gift cards and an in-store credit for accessories.