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NEVER get a bill from Koodo???

  • 27 December 2016
  • 3 replies

I have been with Koodo for almost a year and NEVER get an invoice sent to me via email or text! This is rediculous. What kind of company doesn't even send you a bill????

3 replies

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Koodo will send you a notice of the bill by either email or a text message, as chosen in your self-serve. I believe the default is to send you a SMS notification. You access your actual long-form bill in a password protected space (self-serve) as the bill contains a bunch of personal information.
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Suggest to give a call to Koodo from your phone *611. It works to me every time when I have a problem that I can find a solution through the community Q & A . Hope it helps. 

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Just to elaborate on David's point, you can access your past 18 months worth of bills in Self Serve. If you have notifications turned off, then that may explain why you never received them.