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Network-finding quirks..

A longshot.. I dropped my phone in water.. dried it out.. and miraculously it still works! Only thing is it says 'cannot download' something or other every time i turn it on, and it periodically drops off the network. It will show bars but instead of showing it is connected to koodo it just says 'emergency calls only'. The wifi will still work in that state, but not the data. If i turn it off and then on again it seems to find the network, though not every time. If someone calls me or texts it sometimes spontaneously finds it again as well, but not every time. I had 'where's my droid' installed, and when i couldn't find my phone i called it so it probably rang under water 😞 i had a lot of other quirks, with the phone turning on and off by itself and the vibrate spontaneously going, etc until i deleted that app and i deleted all the messages from my husband's phone (that is the phone i used to text wmd). I wonder if the 'unable to download' thing has something to do with the shorting out when receivign the WMD message, and how i might get it to stop trying to DL..? (note that i have tried removing the sim card, and it works fine in my husband's phone and his sim in my phone doesn't fix the problem, so it isn't the card. As well, i try cycling to airplane mode and back and that does not seem to fix the network issues, only turning on and off, and sometimes it just fixes on it's own.)

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Back up your data if you haven't already and do a factory reset of the phone from within the settings menu. After it reboots and restores your contacts then try using the phone before downloading any apps. During the initial signing in on the phone make sure to not check off the option to restore apps or it will download them immediately from the playstore. So after your signed into the phone and restored your contacts then try using the things that are not working properly right now. If they still don't work properly then the water damaged the internals of the phone and will need to be repaired. If you choose to repair the phone instead of just getting a new one then you can bring it to koodo and have them send it away, they will contact you with a quote of how much the repair will cost and you will then have the option to either abort the repair or follow through.
as an option, but a long shot, you can try to put the phone in a container with dry rice, to remove somemore of the moisture(without the battery). Nothing guaranteed, but worth a shot.
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Robski808 wrote:

as an option, but a long shot, you can try to put the phone in a container with dry rice, to remo...

This should be done before powering the device back on. And it's even better if you use silica instead of rice.
I did the rice thing - took the battery and cards out and put the pieces in rice and silica packets for a full week before try ing to turn it on.. it had a lot of quirks at first but deleting where's my droid and the stored messages took care of those (for example it would vibrate like I had a text but no text was coming through) that's why I wondered if some programming got damaged when it shorted out (pretty sure it did because I phoned it before I knew it was underwater lol) Doing a restore is a good idea I will try that. If all else fails it still works as a camera and computer because WiFi works fine. Considering it sat in dishwasher overnight that is definitely more than I expected to salvage! :-\ thanks foe the suggestions will let you know if it works!
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The problem with water damage is that sometimes it can show up over a period of time. Just like with a car, the inside of the phone can start to get oxidation and even after fully dried up the oxidation will remain. And that is what sometimes will cause shorts and cause random problems.