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"network error"/ popping off network every 20 seconds?...

try ChatON app and it says "network error",  I tried to send a text message, it says "no mobile data" or something like that....I'm at home on WIFI, mobile data is turned off.......last weekend it kept popping me off the Koodo network and I had to keep re-registering every 20-30 seconds....what's going on? (Samsung S4, talk text w/100mb data plan)

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If I remember correctly, Samsung discontinued their chatON service months ago, so maybe that's why it doesn't work anymore. Now as for general network issues, there's a lot of variables there. You could be in a spotty coverage area or you might have a defective SIM. Have you tried removing your SIM card/battery for a minute or so and then reassembling it?
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Hey LD,

Jonathat's right! ChatOn is no longer available according to the app description (http://koo.do/1MZnL4m). Did you try to send that text to one or multiple persons at the same time? Do you still need help?

Keep us posted!  
LOL well that explains the ChatOn....I guess I'll use Skype unless someone has a better option 🙂 and I only sent that text to one person....the little "sending circle" was still going as of last night so I just deleted the text....since then I have been able to text the same person no problem (but if try to text the original text via copy paste, still no go, weird!).  As for network issues, may have been spotty coverage, but here was a tower very close by....mustn't have been my provider's tower then