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Need to have APN settings unlocked - Security Flaw found for MMS on Android Phones - Stagefright Exploit

New security exploit found for Android - from Gingerbread versions, up to and including Lollipop 5.1.1.

Details to be released on Aug 8th.

Trying to Disable MMS in the meantime - but unable to do so, since the phone is Carrier Locked. Why do this to your customers?


Have already tried creating a new APN - but the old one is still active and you cannot disable it.  MMS messages are still going through since the "Active" checkbox is still enabled on the default sp.koodo.com APN.

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Just create a new apn and foul up the mms part. That should do it. Select it after you're done
Unfortunately, I have already tried creating a separate APN with zero MMS fields entered.  For some reason, MMS keep getting through successfully.  I suspect it is related to the default APN - there is an Enable/Disable checkbox for the Samsung Note 4 - that shows it is enabled and cannot be turned off.  Selecting a different APN doesn't matter.  Even with the custom APN selected, if I go back to the default APN provided by Koodo, the checkbox shows as enabled.  The reverse is also true - with the default selected, the custom APN shows as the APN is enabled.  Very strange, not sure as to the purpose of this checkbox.  I've attached a screenshot.

Custom APN:

Default sp.koodo.com APN - carrier locked:

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So.it must be part of the firmware not to.allow changes to a locked device. You still have options Turn data off locally Turn data off at the koodo level Unlock your phone which should/may then allow you to edit and select a custom apn.