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Need more international data

Added the ALL40 roaming add on but i used it all and need more international data how can i add. And is there a phone to speak with someone in koodo. Ive been trying to add again an all40 but wont let me till the other expires and now i have a xharge of 90 dlls of data use. Its impossible to get help from koodo .

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Hi Julio,

You can only have 1 of each international roaming add-on per bill cycle. You can add one of the other add-ons without a problem, but you will need to wait for a new billing cycle to get the ALL40 add-on again.
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Koodo's international plans are really meant for emergency roaming. Their USA plans mostly for text and voice. If you need more data, options from other carriers, including those local to your travels are usually a better choice.