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Need more data!!! How do I get it?

I messed up last night, left my phone on wi-fi hotspot, my computer was downloading a very big file, and overnight all my included data was used 😕 the data usage was automatically interrupted at the limit (which is pretty cool btw) according to my bill and the koodo website I can get additional data at $10/GB, but I'm not sure how this works, do I have to buy it somewhere in the website, call costumer service, or just keep using the data and I get charged automatically? Is there a way of getting, say, 300 MB extra at a fraction of the price instead of 1 GB? Because I rarely use more than 300 MB a month

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Nope, you can't get partial amounts. You would be charged the extra $10 once you go over your data limit.
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Data overage at Koodo is pay-per-use. Once you go over it automatically bumps you to the next level. So if your plan includes $10/GB over your limit then that's what you get (check self serve to find out your overage rate) No need to add anything or sign up. It's all automatic! Unfortunately the pay-per-use amounts are set as per your plan. You will not be able to get priced for a custom amount of data overage