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Need koodo to release the note please

I'm looking to upgrade my phone and was waiting for the note to come out every other provider has graced there customers with the note when will koodo get around to letting us have it or do i have to move to another provider

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Unfortunately no one knows the true answer to your question about the Note. You can always bring either a Telus Note or an unlocked Note over to Koodo if you have a plan that you like.
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If by every other carrier you mean Rogers, Bell, and Telus then sure. Not to mention the regionals like Sask tel or Videotron or Wind. Fido/Virgin are Koodo's main competitions and neither of them have it so I wouldn't expect it on Koodo until maybe a year later or so. You're better off buying one from another source. I know the Tab is useful to get a phone cheaper upfront but sometimes it's best to go without subsidizing it.