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Need an answer regarding returning a phone I ordered online

Hello, I have ordered a phone online and it has already shipped. I have yet to receive it, but know I must return It as soon as possible. What are my options? If I decline the device will it be returned to you guys? Or Do I have to accept it and request a return label? ( I have email you guys twice regarding this matter, for which I have received no response) Also, if the phone has been shipped but not received/activated. Does this mean my number is still active with my old provider? Lastly, after the phone gets to you guys, based on your response above, when will I be refunded for the purchase. After you get the phone do I have any further action to take?

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Hey Jordan - to save time, do not accept the delivery if you intend to return it. This way it will be sent back to our warehouse. If you accept the package, then you will need to wait for us to ship you a return mailer, and then we wait to get the phone back.

Once the phone is received back at our warehouse, it will be processed for return/refund. This can take a few days depending on length of time it takes to get it back and overall volumes for processing.

You will still need to contact the web store - either via email or phone - to explain your situation, i.e. changed mind, not accepting delivery, phone being sent back, requesting return/refund, etc. You also need to cancel the account that was created under your name. you can note this in your note to the web store, but may also need to contact customer CARE.

I'll share this with our web team in the meantime to ensure it's on their radar.
Thanks you very much for the timely reply 😉