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my voicemail is not working just keeps ringing and ringing

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Do you have an old plan where voicemail is not inclided maybe?
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Also, what kind of Android phone do you have?
the plan I have includes everything unlimited minutes, 2 GM data, it's not that old a plan maybe six months I have a galaxy S2 X
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You'll need to call Koodo around 10am Your time to see about trouble shooting. It could be that the call centre number in your phone has been changed or that your phone is no longer forwarding unanswered calls. Calling Tech Support is free but I recommend also that you do it from another phone. That way you can have tech support call and test your phone. Oquatanginwann
Thank you for your help
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Hi Lu-Ann, Check if you have the proper call forwarding settings on your phone. Go to Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding You should have "Forward when busy", "Forward when unanswered" and "Forward when unreachable" enabled with the voicemail forwarding number. This number is dependent on the area code of your number. You should be able to determine this by going to Settings > Call settings > Voicemail > Setup. Or you may need to call Koodo to get your local voicemail number.