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My smartphone needs repairs

My smartphone needs repairs because the battery charges very slowly and the charge doesn't last very long. The nearest Koodo store is over 2 hours away in Grande Prairie. I called customer service and they sent out a repair package to me. I was told that a request for a loaner phone was made but when the package arrived no loaner phone was included. Does the loaner phone come in a separate package or was it missed? I tried calling customer service but they were closed.

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Hi Laura,

I'm not sure how exactly it is usually done but you should def. contact customer support when they open again to find out if one was or will be sent at all.

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Hi Laura, when the package arrived, it should have come with a letter indicating how to proceed. Please make sure to follow the steps properly as the phone you'll receive is a replacement, not a loaner phone. Here is a copy/paste of the letter you should have received:

Step 1:
Remove personal info from your old phone. Remove your Koodo SIM card and memory card (if applicable). You also need to hold onto your charger, battery and battery cover as you’ll need this [b]when your replacement phone arrives. Delete all personal info – like contact numbers and passwords – before returning it. Know that after you delete personal data, it cannot be recovered. Koodo is not responsible for any loss of personal data or unauthorized use of personal data left on a phone.

Step 2: Put your return package together. Put your Koodo phone, excluding accessories (eg. battery, battery charger, etc), and a copy of your receipt in your phone’s box, or in the bubble wrap provided. Place the return authorization sticker on the package containing your phone. Put the package into the Purolator Pack envelope and seal it. Complete the ‘Sender’ portion of the Purolator Bill of Lading, and place it on the back of the envelope (where indicated). Ship the package back to us in one of two ways; Drop off the package at your nearest Purolator shipping location. To find the location closest to you, visit: Purolator.com/DropOffLocator. Call Purolator at 1-888-744-7123 to arrange a time for them to pick up your package. Purolator will need some of the info on the pre-printed Purolator Bill of Lading – so have it ready when you call. Refer to “Step 3” once you receive your replacement phone.

Step 3: Set up your new phone (once you’ve received your replacement) Insert your Koodo SIM card, battery and battery cover from your previous phone into your replacement phone. Power on the phone and wait for it to connect to the network – it may take a few minutes.

Step 4: Know the important stuff If your phone has the following damage: Liquid or heat damage, dents, or cracks on the handset body or screen, cracked or bleeding LCD display, damaged keyboard or keys, damaged headset or charging posts, multiple scratches or heavy scratching on the display or touch areas; it will be returned to you without an exchange. 

If you need more information, please send us an email via your Self Serve account http://koo.do/11eMLdy, as it will give us access to your account. Thank you! 

have you tried changing the battery?
I sent my other phone here..