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My smart phone is smarter than I am

I am very new to Smart Phones, owned one now for 4 days and 11 and one half hours. 😉 Lots of questions but will limit them for now. 1st, confused about data. What things use data and what things do not use data? Discovered the Mini Diary (Samsung S 2 x phone) and started playing with it today. It tells me I need a network connection. Does that mean I am using data when I use this app? Why do I need the network connection when I am just typing something in and adding a photo from my gallery? We are having the grandkids for a week this summer and I thought it would be cool for each of them to have a page every day to post a picture and add something about their day. I notice that this can be posted to social media. Is there any way to actually print this diary so they could take it home with them? It would make a great memory book of their holiday with grandpa and nana.

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Welcome Darlene! Hee hee what a great headline, I'm going to use that from now on 😃 Anything that is not a phone call or a text message equals data if it is on the Internet. So, browsing the Internet, downloading a new app, using most apps, all use data. If you are never on WiFi all of that adds up, that is why most of us buy a wireless router so that we can connect our phones to our home Internet service provider. Are you still with us, is that information overkill or do you need to know more? 😃
So if I have the weather app open on my home page it is using data? If I am using my calendar does that actually connect to the internet and use data/ Would it be safe to say that if I turn data off and an app still works than it never uses data? What about the program I mentioned, mini diary, that says it need a network connection to work. does that mean it is using data? Any idea how much it would be using?
I have wireless at home. I am not there right now. I did notice though that when I turn wifi on my home wireless name is on the list. So I guess that means when I am home, if I turn wifi on I can ask the phone to use my home internet service? Why would anyone go on the internet using their phone when they are home? Isn't it a lot easier to use the home computer? The screen is so much better than a cell phone.
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The weather app on you homescreen is what's called a 'widget', meaning that it's a mini program that updates to show current information. It will use whatever data connection is available, either wifi or cellular, to check for the latest weather info. Generally speaking, very little data is used by widgets, usually a few MB a month. As far as I can tell, the mini diary app uses no data unless you choose to use the publish to facebook or send via email options. Most of it should work with data off, but some features may not be available. If you're ever unsure whether an app requires data to work, try using it with data disabled, it'll tell you to turn data on if it needs it.
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Timo Tuokkola wrote:

The weather app on you homescreen is what's called a 'widget', meaning that it's a mini program t...

Just to add to Timo's great answer you can go into your phones settings menu and click on "Data Usage". Then scroll down when the next screen pops up and there you can see exactly what apps are using data and just how much data each app has used. At the top of that screen you will see Data and Wifi click on either one and it will show these stats for data or wifi usage the phone has used and each app for either connection.