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My sd Card is Blank

  • 9 February 2013
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Ok so at Christmas i received a galaxy s3 and i switched everything over (including sd card) from my 1 1/2year old lg optimus one pretty easily. Everything was good i had my apps and pictures then tonight right after playing one of the games on the sd card i connected my phone to the computer to transfer some of the pictures and when I did a window popped on the computer saying the sd card was blank or had an unsupported system. All of my pictures and apps are gone now!! What do i do and is there a way to get the pictures back.

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3 replies

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Yikes, sounds like a slightly corrupted SD card that your computer messed up. It happens with flash memory occasionally. Unfortunately, with other flash devices like externals and usbs, once your computer messes with it, it may be a pain in the back-end to get anything back... But, you are going to have to try a data-recovery tool. I did a quick google search and these came up - although I haven't tried any of them. Sorry. http://www.wondershare.net/ad/photo-recovery/?gclid=CM-b_f64qLUCFShgMgodOkMASQ http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9224577/6_data_recovery_tools_for_SD_cards_USB_drives_and_more http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?query=SD+card+data+recovery&searchtype=downloads&filter=licenseName=
Yikes, sounds like a slightly corrupted SD card that your computer messed up. It happens with fla...Thanks, it has been a pain in the arse and I'm not even done, after a search of my own i found a few highly rated.programs. The first One after going through the whole process told me i had to pay, next program wouldnt read the card and then finally used one called Zar and it recovered most of the pictures but some came up half grey or full grey, I'll try one of those next.
as far as i know, if "quick format" wasn't selected when your computer said "blank or unsupported filesystem", all your data is gone because the computer will overwrite everything on it with 0's. I believe that quick format deletes and creates a new filesystem but doesn't touch the actual files (they will be inaccessible, though, because there is no entry for them in the filesystem)