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My screen keeps going blank when I try to enter my voicemail password / shuts off on its own too

my samsung galaxy s4 mini keeps shutting itself off for no apparent reason and then it takes about a minute to get it to turn back on, also sometimes when i go to press numerical buttons to put my voice mail password in the screen keeps going black then back again everytime i want to press a button????

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When you're on the phone and not on speakerphone or bluetooth, the proximity sensor is active. This sensor blanks the screen when you put the phone up to your face to keep your cheek from hitting buttons. If you goto settings...my device..call settings...turn screen off during calls And uncheck it, it will stop happening. The shutting down thing might be a a badly coded app or a malfunction of the operating system or you're holding down the powerbutton for more than 5 seconds by accident Things you could try would be uninstalling any recently installed apps, making sure all your apps are updated, and last resort would be a factory reset. After all of that if the restarting continues, you may need to follow Ahmad's suggestion and arrange for warranty service.
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Well, first think of your phone as a computer. It takes time to boot up. The booting up thing sounds normal but for other stuff, it sounds like you should go into a Koodo store/kiosk and send your phone in for warranty repair.