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My screen is just black now , can I get it repaired/replaced?

My screen is just black now and flashes briefly with an artifact ridden screen (pretty much all black except a few random and small coloured artifacts) if I press the lock button. Can I get it repaired/replaced? How much will it cost me and how can I do it? Should I go through Koodo or Samsung? I have the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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How long have you had the device? If it's under 1 year then you have warranty service available at any Koodo kiosk. Otherwise you can still go there and get it serviced and the repair centre will quote you for the repair cost.
Neat-o. I think it's still under a year, but it's rather disappointing that my "$800.00" phone has a shorter warranty than my much cheaper computer parts. I'll see if I'm under warranty, I think I am but I might have just run out. Hopefully the repair doesn't cost too much.