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My samsung will recive texts but wont send any?

my sumsung will let me recive texts but won't let me send any texts. I have paid my bill up to date but it wont work please help my daughter is in hospital and I cant communicate except by texting!!!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, Gina. Were you able to text before? You might want to switch off your phone and back on, see if that clears the problem, also check if you are connected to the Koodo network.
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While the phone is on take out the Battery and SIM Card for a minute or so then replace them & try it again. If you are going to send a picture message make sure the data connection is on or it will not send and alot of phones won't send any other messages after that picture message it's trying to send. so if you have any picture messages that haven't sent delete it and try again.
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What's your phone, which Samsung?