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My Samsung S2X is stalled downloading a 15 MB file from Samsung.

I'm on a Koodo monthly plan. My S2X keeps trying to download a 15 MB file from Samsung, but keeps getting stalled. When I shut my phone off, and then turn it on the next day, the download starts again. It's gobbling my data and costing me money. What's it trying to download? What should I do? Thanks for any help.

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Turn on wifi to avoid using any data. Try settings > apps > find the app "downloads". Force stop it. See if that fixes the issue.
Hi. WiFi is on, but it goes into cell mode when sleep happens, Then it keeps downloading data. Any idea what file it may be trying to download?
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You can also disable mobile data by going to Settings > Data Usage, and unchecking the first box. It could be some type of firmware update or it's the silly "Samsung Apps" thing updating apps on your phone. Any chance you can you post a picture of your screen?
Thanks for trying to help me out with this Jonathan. I've just turned my phone on and off, so the download isn't happening now. When it restarts again, I'll try and take a screenshot and post it.