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my Samsung s2 just quit working it hasn't even been a year

it wont charge or nothing I was gonna get an iphone and I should have can I get one please

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iPhones aren't immune to problems either. Don't let one bad experience sway you from Android (and vice versa).

Have you tried different chargers and wall adapters? Or perhaps it just needs a new battery. Also check your charging port for corrosion or dirt. If you want the iPhone then you'll have to pay out your existing Tab. This can be done on Self Serve or you can have it billed out to you at the kiosk. Then you'll have to choose which Tab to go on. Medium Tab, which is up to - 300 with a $5 Tab charge, is the best value unless you're trying to keep a plan under $30. Looking at Tab M prices, the 4S 8GB (2 year old device going into 3rd year) would cost you $150 in store, the 5C would be $325, and the 5S would be $425. I recommend checking out the Nexus 4 and S III before you commit to iPhone because they are rather expensive no matter where you go (unless you buy secondhand).
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If it's been less than a year, your S2X is still under warranty.
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Ivan wrote:

If it's been less than a year, your S2X is still under warranty.

There's that too. But I always see if something can be fixed before resorting to that option.
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You cannot simply request to exchange your phone 6 months later simply because your phone turned to a dud. You have your warranty options that you can use. If you wish to purchase a brand new phone, you may do so, however you must pay off your remaining tab before doing so. Phones are just like any other electronics.