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My samsung galaxy s2 x won't send or recieve any photos

So my samsung galaxy s2 x won't send or recieve any photos... can somebody help? I have unlimited messaging so it shouldnt be a problem right?

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Is cellular data enabled? Do you have a data block on your account? Multimedia messaging (photos, videos, etc.) require a cellular data connection to work.
Hi Spencer , Your Galaxy S2x is it a koodo or unlocked phone ? Also , can you check if your data is turned on on the phone ? here is the path settings > more settings >mobile network> packet data (should be checked)
koodo phone, and i dont have data
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Data still needs to be enabled for picture messages to work. You won't be charged for it because your plan includes picture messages, so to avoid getting charged for data, turn it off immediately after it's done or follow the steps here: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/cant_receive_mms_when_datas_off