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My prepaid phone isn't working. How long it takes before I can use the network?

  • 18 March 2016
  • 4 replies

Using a note5, tried to use my old phone number. After, few hours since it wasn't working I tho the problem was because I used my old's phone imei so I changed my number. Still isn't working.

4 replies

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Take out the sim. Reboot your phone. Then put the sim back in. Also make sure the network is set to Koodo in your phones settings. Cellular menu.
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Have you just activated??
I don't even think they ask for the IMEI anymore.
You would want to be entering the sim card number at that point.

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And where did you buy your note 5?
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Check your settings => About device => Status.

Does your phone number correspond?

AFAIK, pre-paid SIMS are a one-shot deal. Once you've made a change, there's no going back. You may be stuck to buy a new SIM.

Best to call customer service 1-866-995-6636/ 647-788-4337 from any phone.