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My phone wont connect to any wifi?

I har the optimus one, and everytime i connect to any wifi it says authenticating then it connects and disconnects. And when i am connected it says i need a koodo booster for data. Which it shouldnt cuz im on my wifi.

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Hi Falynn Try this. Clear the cache, cookies and history in your browser and powercycle your phone...meaning with the phone on, remove the battery and sim for 20-30 seconds then replace. If you can, unplug your router for about a minute then reconnect and try to search for the wifi. Make sure the wifi is on and the data off. Good luck and hope it works.
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Three things you should check also : First, make sure your wifi password is entered properly (pressing an extra key on the password tab is so easy when typing on a phone). Second, check that your network is not restricted and that it requires manual approval for the devices to be permitted to connect to the network (which I truly doubt but if you have a network administrator, I would check with him/her). Also, make sure you are not in 5 GHz only mode. Most phones today do not support this type of wifi frequency.