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My phone won't turn on.My phone (Moto G) won't turn on, or charge. what can I do?

May 26th my phone died, and I waited until I got to a charger to charge it. It won't charge, the screen remains black and the tiny LED light won't flash on. I 've tried different plug ins ,and nothing seems to help. I haven't dropped it in water or gotten it wet. I 've had the phone for only five to six months now

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Contact Koodo and arrange for warranty service. Since its less than a year old it should be covered as long as there's no physical damage. Use this link to email them or contact them http://koodomobile.com/en/on/contact.shtml
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Came across this discussion in the Moto G forum where there is an issue with the battery not charging and some troubleshooting steps to go along with it, (see link below). See 'Best Answer' (green checkmark) and follow the steps provided to see if that helps. (Click on image to enlarge). https://forums.motorola.com/posts/3d5eadc25d