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My phone will not turn on or charge. Galaxy Ace

My phone won't turn on at all nor charge.. I've tried many different usbs and cords, adapters but nothing is working.. Also tried different methods but still nothing.. I don't have money for a new one or for new battery, is it possible to fix it without buying a new battery? Please help. It's an Samsung Galaxy Ace!!

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When you got it did you have to pay anything out of pocket for it? Chances are you may have a tab building up value. Check selfserve for this tab value. You can probably use it to get a new Moto G or BlackBerry Q5 with little to no money out of pocket. Avoid the Ace Iix,
As for Samsung galaxy ace 2 believe you can call koodo thay should tell you or go to koodo store were you live thay should tell if you can or cannot?? Pleses take care