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My phone isn't working properly

Hi, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2X from this company in January 2013, and it is having troubles. It won't turn on all the way, or when I do get it on, it will just shut off. I have a tab balance of $112 remaining on it. How does this work? Can I trade it in?? Get a replacement?? I'm just frustrated because I need my phone to work properly, especially since I am living on my own, away from any family.

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You have to pay off your existing tab to upgrade. once you pay off the tab, you can trade it in for credits but I recommend selling it on craigslist, etc, since you will probably get more for it. Also no need to make 3 threads about the same question 🙂
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If you bought it in Jan 2013 it's still under warranty. Go to a koodo kiosk and send it in for repair. They'll even give you a free loaner while it's being fixed.