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My phone isn't receiving calls from landlines all of a sudden... why?

Samsung Galaxy 4, had the same number for several months now, but in the past week people have tried to call me and they don't get through, not even to voicemail. Texts work and calls from other cells seem to work, just not long-distance calls from landlines. I've tried resetting the phone--just in case--but that had no effect.

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This doesn't sound like a phone glitch but rather a network one. Give koodo a call and see if you can have them log a ticket to check the network.
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Also double check to make sure you haven't accidentally blocked any callers or have enabled some sort of do not disturb mode.
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It sounds like it could be a network capacity issue to me (circa 1985) when the number of cell phones added to the network was twice the capacity of the network to handle it 🙂 The capacity is still finite but to the carriers credit they have done such a fine job of shuffling , adding capacity and new technologies that people rarely notice -- until now. If you are in a highly populated area during a peek period the big secret is that sometimes the network hits the wall and can’t handle any more calls, most people don’t notice. Try calling yourself from a land line during off peak times, do calls go through then? Sometimes people call me during the busy day and get a fast busy signal and don’t understand the significance of a slightly different busy signal (if they notice the difference at all) and just try a few minutes later and get through. There is only so much frequency spectrum available and with almost everyone going off the grid (dropping their land lines and using their cell phone exclusively) there are bound to be densely populated areas and times of the day where the demand for capacity exceeds supply. Today the networks are so oversubscribed that if 5% of all cell phone users try to make a call at once most won’t be able to.
This is the exact same issue a few people have told me. I just got my phone a couple of months ago and this FAQ is several years old now.  Could it be the same issue with capacity?  People have called Bell Aliant and asked them to dial my number, and there is no ring.  But if they call from a cell phone it goes through.  Sounds like there may be nothing I can do?