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My phone is damaged and not worth the cost of repair - can I put my tab balance on my next bill to upgrade?

My G4 isn't turning on anymore. Silly me, sat on a rock and the screen just shattered. My tab balance is only 150 so really I'm more interested in just paying off the balance and upgrading my phone.

This used to not be a thing, but hoping it changed: can I go into the store, have my tab balance put on my next bill, and upgrade my phone there?

IF NOT: on the Pay My Tab section of the Self Serve site, the only option is to pay off with next bill. Could I do this, then go into store later and get a new phone? Or does the next bill have to be paid off?

I need a new phone ASAP as my work uses it to contact me but I don't get paid until Thursday.


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Hi Lana, you can definitely visit a store and have your tab put on your bill and start a new one. Actually you can do it either way it's the same end.