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My phone is broken. I need a new one. What do I do?

I just don't know where to go from here.

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If you're on prepaid, then go to any Koodo shop or Walmart and look for prepaid phones to buy and pick the one you want. If you're on postpaid, then log into Self Serve and check your Tab balance. You can "add" to the Tab again to take a discount off the price of a new phone. There is Small (max $150 subsidy) and you can take any plan, Medium (max $300 subsidy) with a $30+ plan + $5 Tab charge to pay down the phone faster, and Large, which I do not recommend. Go into any Koodo shop or authorized retailer and they'll help you out getting a new device.
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What is broken about the phone? Even prepaid phones carry a warranty. You might be able to get it fixed if it's not physical damage.
it is physical damage and sadly my fault
...but am concerned I've just paid monthly fee and am unable to replace phone for another week at least
can a msg be set up to any callers that phone is not in use temporarily?

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Interesting choice to resurrect this thread. I'm personally not aware of being able to setup auto SMS replies without a phone handy. You could change your VM though.