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My phone got wet, is there anything Komodo can do for me in terms of repairs?

Want to get my samsung galaxy S3 repaired.

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Unfortunately water damage just isn't covered by your S3 warranty so there are only a few things you can do. Firstly. Put your device in a bag of rice without the battery for a few days. This may help dry out the phone and it may function again. Or not. If you have a tab you can log into self serve and pay off your tab. Doing it this way will defer the tab billing to your next invoice but clear your tab today. This will allow you to pickup a new phone today but not pay your tab for a while. That way you can save up for the big bill that's coming for the balance of your old tab. Other options include getting a used phone off Kijiji or ebay. There are fantastic deals to be had on Kijiji Whatever happens good luck
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Also Koodo kiosk offer Certified Pre-Owned phones. You can call them and check what they have in stock 🙂
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As to Chad's answer - check koodomobile to make sure that the phone can be used on Koodo's network - you really do not want to buy a phone and then realize it cant be used Good luck