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my phone glitched and now when i turn it on it says unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped. please help me

so i went to call a cab in Walmart but my phone glitched and now every time i turn my phone on it says 'unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped and even if i press ok it just keeps coming up 

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Try restarting the phone, If you have a battery, pull that for about 30 seconds and hit the power button a few times during that time the battery is out of the phone. than boot up and try again(if that works disregard the next step) Seems like your phone app(built in) was corrupted or deleted by accident or something happened while pulling it up. Does that only happen(the error) when you click on the phone icon? if so, you may need to restore a previous backup, or factory reset the phone to get it back.
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Hi Mikaila,

Which Android phone do you have?

Try going to: Settings > Apps > ALL (swipe left to see ALL apps). Scroll down and locate the Phone app and tap on it. Tap the buttons labelled 'clear cache' and 'clear data'. On some older devices, the SIM Toolkit cache and data can also be cleared, (scroll further down to locate this app). Restart the phone. This should restore the phone back to normal operation.

On newer devices, you may see two or even three Phone apps. Do not clear the cache/data if labelled Phone/Messaging Storage. Also, the SIM Toolkit on newer devices may not offer the option to clear the cache/data.
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Hey Mikaila! Did Chadwick and Rikkster's suggestions help? Let us know!
What phone do you have